Monday, February 3, 2020

Why I am supporting Warren over Sanders, others

With Iowa caucuses toady and since I am a somewhat active member in my local Democratic party, I am well past due documenting why I will be caucusing for Elizabeth Warren. (Better late than never?) While my political ideology aligns more with Sanders than Warren, I view getting progressive legislation passed to be more important. Being ideologically "pure," so to speak, doesn't mean much if they are ineffective as President. Jimmy Carter comes to mind as an example of someone who I would seem to align with well politically, but their ineffectiveness as President may have set back more progressive politics. (Worse, Carter proudly identifying as an Evangelical Christian, despite having little in common with them politically, may have inadvertently helped their rise to political power.) Consequently, this post is going to be much more about why I am not supporting Sanders than it is about why I am supporting Warren.