Monday, March 3, 2014

More on judgements

In an earlier post, I griped about the way the verb "to judge" is abused by Christians. But I wasn't fully done, yet. This time, it's not so much about the definition as opposed to what they say we should do.

Which is basically that we should not judge. I assume that they again mean the word in the sense of "to condemn" and are not including positive judgements. Even then, this is a huge problem. Should we let all criminals out of prison, then? And abolish the court system? You know what we call the person who sits at the head of a courtroom? We call them a judge. You know why we call them that? Because they hand out judgements!

This idea is just simply insane. Since I don't think most Christians are actually insane, I am led to conclude that they are just parroting an idea that they think sounds nice without actually thinking about what it means. (That is, after all, essentially what "to parrot" means.) But if there are any Christians who have given this at least some thought, I am rather curious as to how they might rationalize this belief.

I encountered a Christian not too long ago that was more precise and said, "by any measure this world has chosen to judge." I wonder, then, if an excuse would be to claim that courts are divinely appointed, as claimed in Romans 13:1. That judge is then doing God's work, so that's OK?

On that, I do have some questions for Christians who make claims that we are not to judge:
  • What do you really mean when you say that? Do you really mean everyone, or is it OK to judge against those who are suspected of committing crimes?
  • I hear this a lot lately in regards to gay rights. For those Christians who (a) support gay rights and (b) do think it is OK to judge against those who are suspected of committing crimes, how would you respond if being gay were considered a crime? Might the claim be that the law is unjust? On what basis do you make that claim?

I would probably have other questions, but those are at least my starter questions to help me wrap my head around things.

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