Friday, January 3, 2014

And the new Coordinator for the Eastern Iowa Coalition of Reason is...


What did I get myself in to? Well, pretty much exactly what I wanted to get myself in to. The question then is can I handle the responsibility? That shouldn't be much responsibility, but my history of handling responsibility is not bright.

What is the Eastern Iowa CoR?

From what I can tell, it's really just going to be (oh, this is a newly formed organization -- website's not even up yet, but would most likely be located here) umbrella organization that is just meant to help direct people to their local non-religious groups. It's not really going to have any authority whatsoever over those local groups. The "coordination" part, then, is just to get the various groups to allow us to do such directing. Take the Central Iowa CoR, for example. The main page (by which I don't mean the home (welcome) page) there simple directs you to the websites, Facebook pages, etc. of the affiliated groups. The events page appears to just be pulling in the calendar entries from those groups as well. So there may not be too much to do. Maybe do some touring of eastern Iowa to meet with the leaders of the other groups and whatnot. Maybe that means I'll have to attend Darwin Week events up at UNI this year? (If they're having a Darwin Week...there is no link to events.)

The one bigger thing is that the Central Iowa coordinator would like to launch a billboard campaign in April. Uh...does that mean I'll have to help arrange that??? *gulp* I imagine, though, they'd look something like this:

So, yeah...that's what I might be up to in the future. I'm really hoping this will be a good experience.

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