Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Affluenza, an update

I learned new information yesterday regarding the post I made that morning. First, I saw some clips of Anderson Cooper of CNN interviewing the psychologist (via TYT) who suggested that Texas teen needed therapy versus jail time. Apparently he largely blames the problem of "affluenza" on money. So, I need to make clear that I find that to largely be bullshit. I still agree with the idea that not having consequences for bad behavior will result in people failing to recognize what is bad behavior. But this can happen with anyone, not just people with lots of money. The main thing that I can see money really being useful for is for buying one's way out of bad consequences. Or, when the bad consequences are in the forms of fines, such consequences often affect a rich person much less than a poor person. A $100 fine for speeding, let's say, is going to impact a person making minimum wage much more than someone making millions in a year.

The other part of the news is that I hear surviving members of all (?) the victims' families are apparently suing the teen. I thought they might try suing the parents, but, as I said yesterday, apparently the judge didn't think the parents were to blame in the sentencing, so such a court battle would perhaps not be fruitful. I do wish them luck, though, for what it's worth. (No pun intended.)

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