Saturday, September 28, 2013

IDHEF - Chapter 6, Addendum #2: Unobserved Intelligent Design

This is part of my breakdown of the book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist." Related posts can be found by clicking here.

Throughout my breakdown of Chapter 6, I made note a couple of times of the hypocrisy the authors had in regards to the observation of so-called "macroevolution," while being rather blind to the fact that a designer hasn't been observed. My guess is they would say they have observed the "message" of DNA and that's good enough. But there was more that I missed when I wrote those posts that I only recently considered: Where is the observation of new lifeforms "poofing*" into existence? Or do they believe the lifeforms we see today have always been on earth? Like, do they believe humans lived with dinosaurs? Or did God decide one day a hundred thousands of years ago to take the ape template and tweak it a bit to create humans?

So if God has been deciding to poof new lifeforms into existence every now and then, why haven't we observed this? You could say we haven't been around at the right moment to see this happen, but, I'm sorry, I cannot accept that excuse. They demand that "microevolution" be observed. That excuse of not being around at the right moment can just as easily apply to "macroevolution." If it's not a good excuse for one, then I don't see how it can be applied to the other. What other excuses might there be for why I can't demand some observations of this intelligent designer at work?

* We aren't even given an idea of how this intelligent designer brings new life into the world (which is another major flaw to the idea), so I am left with little choice but to use such a colorful term.

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