Friday, September 7, 2012

If the news isn't depressing enough, stay for the comments!!!

   Depressing news: arctic sea ice levels are drastically low. It looks like they are even lower than 2007 levels, which was a hot year. Damn global warming! Yet, how do you fix a problem when so many deny it even exists or, even if they do, have no interest in fixing the problem? Just take a look at some of the "Editor's Picks" for comments:

150. onside

The Earth will sort itself out - whether we're here or not. If we've created the situation, then we may pay for it, the earth however, will live on. There have been major disasters in the past from meteorites and volcanic activity - and eventually it cleans itself up. We're just tourists.
Factually correct, but oh so...uncaring. For whatever reason, I kinda like the human species, and I wouldn't mind it living on this planet for a while longer. And if not the humans, then there are all the other animals who I'd hate have suffer because of humankind's misdeeds. On that note...
147. Howesyourview

...All these people trying to protect polar bears and so on. Have you heard of evolution? Why should we dictate what lives and what dies
Ummm...but we already are dictating this based on the damage we have done to the climate. But based on things said earlier in the comment, which I did not include, it would seem this person does not think human has caused global warming.

58. Frank


The loss of arctic (and antarctic ice) is obviously down to changes in solar activity. The sun is entering a more active cycle and is getting hotter, therefore......
51. Mrs Vee

....And in other breaking news the Pope is still a Catholic and water is wet.

Ice has been coming and going, temperatures have gone up and down and climate has been changing for as long as this planet has been here.

That's what climate does; if the climate hadn't changed the human race would never have existed.
Some of the frequent excuses used by human-made global warming deniers is that there are all these natural cycles that are causing the warming. It is true that natural cycles do exist, but numerous scientists have said those cycles don't account for such large changes in temperatures.

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