Friday, August 10, 2012

Pics from the Garden and Yard, 2012

   Here are some pictures of my peach tree. It's really hard to take a picture of this since there is so much other foliage around. And maybe I need to be taking these pictures on sunnier days? Anyway, the first two are from late March when it was blooming. The last picture is from this month of August. One interesting thing about this tree is that peaches have been disappearing. It had plenty of peaches early on, but now many are gone. But I don't know where! They must not be simply falling to the ground, because I find no remains on the ground below. This would suggest something may be eating them, which is quite unfortunate. Even then, I have not seen any seed remains. It is quite odd. On the positive side, the tree has grown a good four feet this year. So maybe next year will be more productive (if the weather cooperates)?

   Here are some pictures of the garden, including tomato plants that have outgrown their cages!

   Speaking of tomato plants, below are a couple tomatoes that are the result of two separate tomatoes growing so close to one another that they ended up merging into a single, odd looking tomatoes. Oh, and I threw in a blackberry picture as well.

   Here are some visitors that wondered into the yard back in early June...back before the drought when the grass was nice and green. Are they the one's eating my peaches? I doubt it.

   And (why not?) I'm going to share some dog pictures!

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