Monday, May 30, 2011

Republican won't give up "free" healthcare

And finally...politics!

Below is a report containing video clips from a town hall event with Republican Congressman Rob Woodall from Georgia. Cenk Uygur breaks it down nicely. Woodall likes his insurance program because it is free for him, but apparently is one of these Republicans that wants to Medicare as we know it, a program that people pay into. (In other words, a program that is not free.) And he also wants to end employer sponsored health care, yet takes the health care provided by his employer...again, because it is free for him. Now, in defense of Woodall, there is a follow up question I would want to ask him before making a final judgement:
  1. While you are taking your employer's sponsored health care for the time being, are you fighting in Congress to end this program?
If someone is reaping the benefits from a program they claim they are against, I will not judge them a hypocrite as long as they are fighting to end that program. However, I have not heard a plan to end or cut from the insurance program for Congressmen from any Republican, so I suspect Woodall is no different and is thus a hypocrite.

And perhaps the most disappointing part was when people cheered for his "when am I going to take care of me" response. As Cenk points out, people pay into Medicare, so they are taking care of themselves. This just leaves me wondering how deep is the Stockholm syndrome with Republican voters?

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